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See Me on Youtube

Seems like everyone is on Youtube....

Come see some of my work....I share a passion of makeup and cosmetics with a comminuty of people.  But I think I'm a little different.... I think I laugh more, feel a bit more relaxed, and just play along.  Maybe it's because I've suffered a deep loss and NOW I know life is too short.... So let's do what makes us happy.
Let Me share that feeling with You. 


JESBlankets Channel

JESblankets. Thats me on YouTube.....  Blankets you ask. 
Well most creative people have multi-outlets.  I crochet, knit, and paint.  Honestly when I joined YouTube I wasn't sure which way it would go, so I went with what I knew I could always do.

Link to Youtube

Everyone has dreams.... Mine are in Color!

Showing product to model.

Learning and Sharing

I take the time to show you about the products.  Contact me!

Let me know what you are thinking. Contact me above. Also Visit my Youtube channel for instant looks!