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2003 Mini makeovers and special events

2006 Makeup Artist for hire

2008 Youtube makeup how-to video

2009 MAC Cosmetics


I've worked with some talented makeup artist, models, and photographers. 

Faires in the Woods with Girlcanpaint March 09

A.E.R. Walk for Style with Victorica Stiles fashion show March 2009

FDU Carpe Diem fashion show May 2009

Lavesh "The Audacity of Fashion" as key Artist May 2009

Avant Garde Hair Story shoot May 2009

Crocheted Beauty, as key Artist, shoot June 2009

Out of the Jungle with Bryan Viper, as key Artist July 2009

Fashion Therapy Semniar, keynote speaker August 2009

On the Beach with Vick Tunious and Mae-Leigh Beckman, as key artist Sept. 2009

Hillary Flowers Show Fashion Week 2009, Sept. 2009

Began work for MAC Cosmetics, October 2009

A.E.R Walk With Style 2010 with Victoria Stiles April 2010